How to Keep Your Food Last with the Right Temperature

yogurt-1442034_640With help from Orlando commercial refrigeration repair, you will be able to ensure your food remains the proper temperature. When refrigeration functions correctly, the food will last longer, which can be accomplished by simply finding the correct temperature to store items in your fridge.

The Importance of Cooler Temperatures

Your commercial refrigerator’s purpose is to maintain an environment with colder temperatures in order to preserve food, extend its freshness, and guarantee food safety. Storing food in colder spaces reduces the rate of bacterial growth. Keeping perishable items, such as cooked meats and produce, in a fridge will help prevent bacterial growth, whereas a freezer will stop it altogether. You should not, however, freeze foods you plan to use immediately.

Finding the Ideal Temperature

Commercial refrigeration units are typically set up to operate at a minimum of 36 degrees Fahrenheit but no more than 45 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature drops lower than 36 degrees, there is a risk of freezing items like dairy that do not preserve well in those conditions, and if the temperature rises above 45 degrees, food may begin to spoil. In fact, the United States Food and Drug Administration regulations state that all refrigerated products must remain at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Since colder temperatures increase the longevity of food, most experts suggest 38 degrees.

Temperature Ranges Based on Unit Type

The ideal temperature for preserving food without freezing them also varies by the type of unit. Reach-in fridges should remain between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit, as should walk-in fridges. However, since freezers must freeze the food inside, these temperature ranges are much lower. Reach-in freezers should be between five and -10 degrees, and walk-in freezers between zero degrees and -10 degrees. Ice cream freezers are different as well, with an ideal temperature floating between -10 degrees and -20 degrees.

Temperature Changes Are Not Instant

When storing items in your commercial refrigerator, keep in mind that adjustments to the thermometer are not instant. It may take an entire day for the temperature change to take effect, particularly in larger units.

Maintaining the Temperature

Once your unit is at the optimal temperature, take the proper steps to keep it there. Minimize the time the doors or drawers are open since open doors are the quickest way to accidentally raise the temperature. You should also consider a second thermometer by the evaporator coil because this reading will be more accurate than one by the door.
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