Keeping Your Factory Cool

Keeping your factory floor cool is essential for both your employees and your bottom line. High temperatures in factories can lead to health risks and equipment failures, both of which hurt your factory’s efficiency. All Temp, the AC Kissimmee experts, has some tips to keep your factory cool and comfortable.

Manage Airflow
By keeping air flowing throughout the factory, you can manage the perceived temperature. Utilize fans throughout the factory by placing them strategically around the floor and mounting them on walls. Simply moving air around within the factory creates a cooling effect, which will be a relief to any employees on the floor.

Utilize Your HVAC System
An HVAC system is the most efficient and cost-effective method when it comes to keeping your factory cool. When properly maintained, an HVAC system can lower the temperature by up to seven percent. There are four types of systems that could benefit your factory:


  • Air Conditioning Unit: This unit works well in all climates. First, a fan pulls in the warm air. This air then passes over coils that contain refrigerants, which absorb the heat from the air. The refrigerants turn to gas and cool down the air. When used to cool a factory floor, a larger unit may be required.
  • Chillers: Factories often choose to utilize chillers to keep their factory cool. Chillers remove heat from water through vapor-compression or the absorption refrigeration cycle. Not only will they cool your factory floor, but they will also dehumidify it. When used alongside an air conditioning unit, chillers are incredibly effective at reducing heat.
  • Cooling Towers: Cooling towers help to remove waste heat from other machinery. Pipes pump water heated by another industrial process to the cooling tower, and an electric fan then brings air into the system. When the hot water and air meet, some water evaporates and the rest cools significantly. By removing the excess heat caused by machinery, the factory floor cools.
  • Evaporative Cooler: These units, also known as swamp or desert coolers, can cool air by up to 20 degrees. A fan draws air into the unit. This air then passes through a cooler pad, which is kept wet by a pump and water system inside the tank. Because this unit puts water into the air, it’s most effective in drier climates.

When your factory is cool, your machines will run efficiently and your employees will be comfortable. If you need help deciding which HVAC system is right for your needs, contact the AC Kissimmee pros at All Temp. Give us a call at (813) 630-9400.

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