Kissimmee Refrigeration

For the best in Kissimmee refrigeration, call the heating and cooling experts at All Temp AC and Refrigeration. We can fix any sort of refrigeration system you may have and provide the maintenance necessary to keep your equipment running every day, especially when you need it most. We understand how important your refrigeration systems are. When they stop working, it can mean loss of inventory, disruption of service to customers, and money going out the door. That’s why we we’re available to service your equipment all day and night, every day of the year. Our technicians are specially trained to recognize and repair any type of equipment you may have and to do it quickly. We want you to be happy with our work so we offer a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee on all of our work.

At All Temp, experience has shown that the best way to avoid Kissimmee refrigeration system downtime is for equipment to be serviced before there is a problem. We offer a wide variety of maintenance contracts each suited for your unique needs. Our technicians will: clean inside of housings

  • test and adjust components
  • fix leaks
  • replenish fluids, and replace gaskets

Not only will periodic maintenance help guard against costly downtime, but it will help keep utility bills down.

For those looking for a customized Kissimmee refrigeration system, we offer Industrial & Process Type Refrigeration. We build custom refrigerators for businesses and laboratories that need systems that don’t fit standard roles. If you have unique space requirements, for example, or a need for extra insulation for systems exposed to the elements, we can build it for you. We also build systems for producing cold water, process cooling and fast freezing applications. Whatever your cooling needs, our highly trained technicians can work with you to design the system you want, and then offer maintenance for it afterwards.

At All Temp AC and Refrigeration, we take Kissimmee refrigeration very seriously. There is no job that is too big, too little or too difficult. Whatever your cooling needs, we can provide it. Our goal is to provide you with reliable cooling so that you can focus your attention on other important parts of your business. Give us a call at (407) 857-7800 for more information.