What to Know When Looking for a Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Your company’s search for a pharmaceutical refrigeration unit will unveil numerous options. Although the appliances serve the same general function, the requirements for a refrigerator used to store medications are unique in comparison to those for food. Here’s what to look for in your pharmaceutical refrigerator:

Unit Styles to Avoid

One of the most important things to know when looking for a pharmaceutical refrigerator is what to avoid. Dorm and bar-style units are not allowed for storing vaccines. The cold air frequently leaves the freezer compartment, leading to unstable temperatures in the appliance. Additionally, the freezer unit cannot hold the required temperatures for specific vaccines. You should also avoid combined household units. These appliances do not hold temperatures as well as medical-grade or industrial units as cold air leaves the freezer compartment and enters the refrigerator area. The CDC actively discourages using any combined fridge and freezer unit for storing vaccines since they perform poorly regarding temperature stability. Instead, invest in separate refrigerator and freezer units.

Selecting the Size

You must also pay close attention to the size of your chosen unit as it must fit within the given space. At the same time, it must be large enough to store the maximum inventory you have in a given year without any crowding. There must also be sufficient space for storing (frozen) water bottles to help stabilize the temperature. When calculating your required size, remember that all units function best when filled up between 30 and 80 percent. Being emptier or fuller than this will lead to temperature fluctuations.

Consider Shelving

Ideally, the shelves in your pharmaceutical fridge should be made of wire or contain ventilation holes. This ventilation allows for cooling circulation and stable temperatures. Never use door racks if your chosen fridge has them; the ambient temperature can affect objects there.

Our team at All Temp can work with you to determine the ideal pharmaceutical refrigerator for your needs. Following your purchase, we will install the appliance and continue to provide Orlando refrigeration repair, so the pharmaceuticals remain at the proper temperature. Those in Tampa can call us at 813-630-9400 or those in Orlando can reach us at 407-857-7800.

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