Lakeland Refrigeration

With its humid, subtropical climate, Lakeland receives an average of 49 inches a rain a year. Sometimes this rain includes thunderstorms or electrical storms. An increase in the electrical activity in Lakeland disrupts local power and can leave many residents without power or with appliances that become inoperable for a short or extended period of time. Fortunately, Lakeland refrigeration experts All Temp AC and Refrigeration are available to rapidly repair your refrigerator, regardless of the brand or model. Their team will arrive within 24 hours to determine the prognosis of your ailing refrigerator and can fix many problems the same day.

Business owners rely on All Temp AC and Refrigeration for their commercial refrigeration equipment. The All Temp representatives can map out a contract with you for maintenance and repair of all your refrigeration components. Finding a small problem before it escalates will save your business time and money, and the Lakeland refrigeration team at All Temp offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee including delivery, installation, training, and workmanship, and their 30-day labor warranty guarantees their work is the best possible. You strive to keep your customers happy, and if you do not want the All Temp team to be present while you are open for business, schedule a repair time convenient for your workers and clients. Whether your business utilizes a walk-in freezer, All Temp can maintain it.

New businesses will benefit from All Temp’s refrigeration knowledge. Let the Lakeland refrigeration team at All Temp plan and construct the ideal refrigeration or freezing unit for your business. All Temp stands behind its products and will support the equipment it manufactures with monthly maintenance. Keep in mind that a properly maintained refrigerator and freezer will last much longer than equipment that is neglected; a maintenance contract is the equivalent of adding many more years of usefulness onto the life of your cooler or freezer.

For your growing business, call the Lakeland refrigeration experts at All Temp AC and Refrigeration today at (813) 630-9400. The peace of mind you receive from knowing your refrigeration and freezing needs are in the best hands possible is worth every penny.