Lessen Your Risk of Contaminated Food and Ice

Contamination is a constant battle for restaurants, but by getting your ice machine serviced from a reputable company, along with other steps, you can minimize that risk. The experts at All Temp recommend a balance of preventative maintenance and following sanitary practices to reduce the risk of contamination at your restaurant.

Common Contamination

Contamination of ice and food can come from several areas in a restaurant, including contaminated water, airborne particles, dirty utensils, and food handlers, or human error. This issue will typically stem from poor business practice or employees not following the instructions from their superiors. Actions such as touching ice with bare hands or storing an ice scoop in an area where it can become contaminated can put the ice at risk. While the majority of pathogenic organisms will not pose a threat to ice due to the temperature, certain viruses and bacteria will.

Clean the Ice Machine

Just like other restaurant appliances, the ice machine needs to be sanitized on a regular basis. Since the interior of the unit is dark and moist, it can create the environment for mold to flourish. Sanitization is particularly important because the ice machine is a food-contact surface.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Maintenance should be regularly conducted to ensure that the service pipes are functional and there is no risk of backflow which is a severe contamination issue. Ideally, you want to schedule a thorough inspection of the ice machine two times each year. At this time, a technician will take apart the various components of the ice machine to examine each one individually and check for problems.

Ensure Your Staff Know How to Handle the Ice

Your staff should know the exact regulations for handling ice and diligently follow the best practices. Their hands should always be clean, and they should only use the ice scoop to collect ice, by using the handle. As mentioned earlier, the scoop needs a designated and sanitary storage. If this storage is within the ice container, ensure that employee’s hands will not come in contact with the ice when grabbing the scoop. Additionally, the staff should also refrain from using the ice machine for anything other than ice.

Whether it is time for your ice machine to be serviced or you just want help ensuring the rest of your restaurant refrigeration equipment is properly running, our team at All Temp can assist you.

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