What Should You Look for in Your Commercial Air Conditioning System?

Choosing the proper commercial air conditioning Kissimmee is an important task as you want a system that will last a long time and effectively maintain the ideal temperature for your entire building. In addition to selecting the right company to install the system, you should look for some key features in the system itself.

System Size

Start by taking a look at the various sizes of commercial air conditioning systems. Remember that since commercial buildings are larger than residential ones, the HVAC system will also need to be bigger to maintain the temperature in such a large space. An expert can help you figure out how large of an HVAC system you will need for your space. This is determined based on numerous factors, such as the size of your space and the ventilation in place.

Inclusion of Zoning

When selecting your air conditioning system, be sure to choose one that includes zoning. Zoned heating and air conditioning sections off several zones within the building with the ability to set each zone to a different temperature. This can help save money on electricity by reducing air conditioning usage in areas that are used less.. During the installation process, your HVAC professional will be able to set up the zones for you; they will also work with you during the planning stages to figure out how many zones to create and how large they should be.

Programmable Thermostats

No matter the type of business you run, you want to confirm that your chosen air conditioning system includes a programmable thermostat. This is essential for precise control over the temperature, something which is particularly important for factories with industrial equipment, but just as important for customer comfort in restaurants and retail spaces.

Demand Sensors

Demand sensors are a very useful tool for any HVAC system. They let the system detect how many people are in a zone or the building as a whole, then adjust the cooling production accordingly. As such, this feature can lead to extensive cost-savings on your electricity bills.

Our team at All Temp will gladly help you choose the ideal air conditioning Kissimmee system for your commercial property and complete the installation. We can provide expert advice to help you select the HVAC system and ensure that the one you choose is right for your company. Make an appointment by calling us at 813-630-9400 or 407-857-7800.

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