Maintaining the Right Humidity Level in Your Commercial Cooler

Humidity levels can make or break your product, and every product thrives in a unique climate. While humidity can ruin wine and beer, it causes flowers to thrive. All Temp can help you make sure you have the perfect humidity level for your product, whether it’s in your floral case, produce display case, or Orlando walk-in cooler

Beer and Beverage

Humidity can ruin the integrity of a beer; high levels can cause mold to develop inside the bottle. Beer and beverage coolers should be kept at a humidity level of 60–70 percent at 35 degrees.


Humidity is critical to floral coolers; it keeps the flowers fresh and ensures that they don’t dry out and, consequently, fall apart. Floral coolers should have 90% or greater relative humidity at 35 to 45 degrees.

Fresh Meat and Seafood

Similar to flowers, high humidity extends the shelf life of meat and seafood by preventing meat from losing weight as its stored. Humidity levels should be 85–90 percent relative humidity at 35 degrees.

Produce Display Case

A humidity level of 60 to 75 percent at 55 degrees is crucial for your produce display cooler. High humidity levels can cause produce to rot; low humidity levels can cause produce to lose moisture and shrivel up.

Wine and Beverage

Wines are finicky, and humidity (or lack of) can be enough to ruin a bottle. High humidity levels can lead to the cork developing mold, while low humidity levels can cause the cork to dry out and crack. It’s recommended to keep wine and beverage coolers at 55–70 percent humidity at 55 degrees.

It’s important to monitor the humidity levels of your coolers on a daily basis. Mold can grow quickly, flowers can fall apart, and vegetables can shrivel. If you find your humidity levels are often too high, consider installing dehumidification filters which help remove some of that excess moisture from the air. To ensure that your cooler is functioning at its optimal humidity level, contact the experts at All Temp. We can make sure your Orlando walk-in cooler is in peak condition. Just give us a call at (813) 630-9400.

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