Maximizing HVAC Efficiency

Contending with the heat and humidity of central Florida is no easy task for a commercial HVAC unit. Your air conditioning system works hard to keep your work environment comfortable, and that takes a lot of energy, which can end up costing you a lot of money. All Temp, the air conditioning Kissimmee experts, want you to know how you can maximize the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC system so that you can save money.

Thermostat on wall

Regular Maintenance

Many people take the cool, comfortable environment provided by an HVAC unit for granted — that is, until the unit breaks down. You can avoid this mishap by performing regular, preventative maintenance on your unit. By being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to maintaining your HVAC system, you can reduce maintenance costs by up to 50 percent.


Much of that lovely, conditioned air your unit produces can be lost to a poorly insulated building, forcing your unit to work even harder to maintain the proper temperature. To reduce your HVAC system’s workload, make sure your walls, windows, pipes, ducts, and outlets are all well-insulated.

Programmable Controls

Another method for maximizing your HVAC unit’s efficiency is automated thermostat controls. These computerized controls allow you to change the temperature even when you aren’t there. With a programmable thermostat, you can set your HVAC unit to raise the temperature in the office when no one is there, that way your unit doesn’t have to work as hard when no one is around. 



If your HVAC system constantly breaks down or needs expensive repairs, the most efficient long-term solution may be retrofitting your unit. A large, well-maintained but energy-intensive HVAC system could be a good candidate for retrofitting; the Department of Energy estimates that it can save business owners 35 percent annually in energy costs. The process of retrofitting an HVAC system can include replacing the compressor, adding condenser fan controls, adding demand-controlled ventilation, and/or adding air-side economizers.

Providing an air-conditioned environment for your employees and customers can be costly if your HVAC system isn’t performing at its best. For more information on how you can maximize your HVAC efficiency, call the air conditioning Kissimmee professionals at All Temp at 407-857-7800.

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