Monitoring and Maintenance for Your Medical Refrigerator

Just like any other appliance, you need to monitor and maintain your medical refrigerator to ensure that it functions properly and keeps the items inside at the proper temperature. With the proper steps, you can reduce the risk of requiring Orlando refrigeration repair.

Monitor and Record the Temperatures

One of the key parts of monitoring your medical refrigerator is to keep a log recording the temperatures on a regular basis. This is the best way to confirm that the fridge does not experience fluctuating temperatures that could potentially harm the samples, vaccines, or other items inside. Anytime you notice extreme fluctuations, contact a repair expert so they can get to the root of the problem, and toss any items within the fridge that are no longer safe.

You can choose to check and record the temperature manually, automatically via a digital thermometer, or both. Scientific refrigerators should have a temperature readout that sits on the exterior of the unit. Even so, you should have an additional thermometer inside the unit, not next to the door, to deliver an accurate reading.


While all fridges require regular cleaning, medical refrigerators must be kept sterile as you do not want to risk contamination of medicines or samples. Ensure that you follow a daily cleaning schedule as well as a weekly (or more often) deep cleaning. Clean fridges also function better as the coils and other components will have enough air flow.

Regular Maintenance

You should also set up a regular maintenance schedule for your medical refrigerator, preferably involving a professional. By having a refrigeration expert inspect your appliance on a regular basis, they can catch any minor issues early, before they have the chance to get worse or to potentially damage the items within the fridge. Regular maintenance will typically include an inspection as well as replacing minor parts that wear out over time.

While you can certainly monitor your medical refrigeration units yourself, you should leave the more detailed inspections to experts like those at All Temp. We will gladly inspect your unit and perform any necessary Orlando refrigeration repair in a timely manner. Make an appointment by contacting us at either 813-630-9400 or 407-857-7800.

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