Organizing a Commercial Kitchen

Keeping your commercial kitchen organized is the key to improved productivity. When everything is stored in its proper place, your staff will have no issues finding what they need. Proper organization also makes it easier to track which products are about to expire so you can reduce food waste. The following advice can help you maintain the organization you need with your Orlando refrigeration and the kitchen as a whole.

Invest in Commercial Shelving

In addition to components such as ice machines, refrigerators, and preparation surfaces, you also need commercial shelving to store ingredients which do not require refrigeration. Opt for an industrial-grade unit, as these will be sturdy enough to hold up to the weight of your supplies and last a long time. Wire shelves are ideal for perishable items because the design lets air flow, allowing the items to stay fresh for a longer time. Polymer shelves, particularly solid ones, are ideal for storing dry ingredients. As a bonus, polymer does not corrode or rust.

Organizing the Cooler

One of the most important areas to organize in any commercial kitchen is the walk-in cooler or fridge. Organization is particularly important for walk-in units as employees must be able to safely move around within the cooler. As you set up the unit, ensure there is enough room for employees to easily find what they need. Everything stored should be at least six inches above the floor to improve sanitation. Leave space between items so there is enough room for cold air to circulate, store your fresh products separately, away from the fans, and store meat on the bottom shelves so any accidental spills do not contaminate other items. Don’t forget to make scheduled maintenance a priority to maximize food life.

Label Everything

Whether food is in a fridge or at room temperature, all items should have a label. The label should clearly state what the food is, the date it was received, and when it expires. Be sure to place the oldest items at the front of the shelves as well, so you use them up first.

Organizing the Food Prep Areas

Place everything you need, including ice and refrigerators, within easy reach of food prep areas, but far back enough that they will not interfere with productivity. Invest in items such as knife blocks, magnetic racks, cutting board stands, and work tables. Get input from your chef during organization.

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