Preventing Water Damage

Water damage can destroy your commercial HVAC unit. Not only can flooding or excessive rain cause damage; an overworked unit can freeze and unfreeze, damaging crucial coils. The air conditioning installation St. Cloud professionals at All Temp can help you learn to recognize the signs of water damage and help you prevent damage in the first place.

The Damage

Before you can take steps to prevent any water damage, it’s important to recognize what damage you’re preventing in the first place. Water damage can be caused by flooding, an overworked unit, and clogged ducts and includes damage to your electrical components, including fuses, wiring, and circuits. It can also cause dirt and debris to adhere to your condenser coil, as well as causing mold and fungi to grow in the system. Additionally, water can cause corrosion inside the valves, electrical components, and controls. While this damage won’t be immediately noticeable, it can cause you to need to replace your entire commercial HVAC system.


By taking preventative measures, you can take steps to protect your commercial HVAC system against water damage.

Change the Filter
An overworked unit can freeze and then defrost on the evaporator coils, which causes water damage. Changing your HVAC filter at least once a month can prevent the unit from overworking.

Maintain the Condensation Drain Line
When the condensation line is blocked or clogged, water is unable to flow to the drain causing damage such as mold. Make sure the condensation line is open. If it’s clogged, it’s best to call the professionals at All Temp. We can assist you in making sure the line is clear.

Regular Inspections
Regular inspections can help prevent water damage. In addition to changing the filter and maintaining the condensation drain line, we can check the ductwork, furnace flames, grills, AC compressors, thermostat, and more for any signs of water damage.

At All Temp, the air conditioning St. Cloud installation professionals, we provide air conditioning maintenance and repairs, including water damage. Just give us a call at (813) 630-9400 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. If its an emergency, we’ve got you covered! With 24/7 repair service, we’ll make sure your commercial HVAC system is working perfectly in no time.

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