Promote Employee Safety in Walk-In Freezers

In addition to taking care of your walk-in freezer to ensure items inside do not spoil, it’s important to take necessary precautions to protect employees. Use the following steps to promote workplace safety and prevent accidents.

Check the Safety Releases Regularly

All modern units have safety releases on the doors so no one gets accidentally trapped inside. We will confirm these function correctly and recommend you also do so on a regular basis. If someone becomes locked inside a unit, they are at risk of hypothermia or more serious injuries due to the low temperature, so another great option is to encourage employees to follow the buddy system.

Keep Everything Dry

Another significant risk within a commercial freezer is potentially slippery surfaces causing employees to fall. Be particularly careful as ice and frost buildup can melt, leaving behind a puddle and safety hazard. Reduce the risk by scraping away ice buildup as soon as possible, following up with a floor squeegee to push any excess water toward the drains, and encourage employees to opt for rubber-soled shoes as these provide more traction.

Offer Cold-Weather Gear

Our experts also suggest keeping gloves, hats, and jackets by the walk-in cooler so employees can borrow them when needed. These items reduce the risk of circulation issues and ensure their comfort.

Maintain a Standard of Cleanliness

It’s best to keep your refrigeration equipment clean at all times to minimize the risk of fungus or mold. By keeping it clean, employees won’t inhale mold, which would cause them to develop nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or even skin irritation.

Never Overload Shelves

Finally, check that your shelves aren’t holding too much. If they become too heavy, they may collapse, increasing the chance that bulky items could fall on employees. Check the maximum weight of a rack and look out for indications that it is overburdened, such as sagging or creaking.

In addition to a range of refrigeration and walk-in cooler services, our team at All Temp has everything you need to ensure your Tampa walk-in cooler functions correctly. With proper functioning, your employees are on their way to safety, so contact us at 407-857-7800 in Orlando or 813-630-9400 in Tampa.

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