Protecting Your Commercial HVAC System During Hurricane Season

With hurricane season in action, it’s important to ensure the needs of your air conditioning Kissimmee system, as this HVAC unit can experience damage this time of year. Learn how to protect your system from hurricanes, as well as strong winds and rain that don’t quite reach hurricane levels, and how to ensure everything runs smoothly after a big storm.

Know the Risks

To prepare your commercial HVAC system for hurricane season, you need to understand why these weather conditions pose a threat to the system. Water damage is a major risk since the average outdoor HVAC unit was created to handle normal weather. The torrential rains associated with hurricanes, however, can submerge or overwhelm your unit. There is also a risk of high winds dislodging the equipment or dropping a tree or pole on it. Although unlikely, there is the possibility that your HVAC unit or something connected to it will get hit by lightning, destroying its intermetal electronics.

Prepare with Maintenance and Prevention

Before hurricane season gets into full swing, ensure that your commercial HVAC system is in full running order and take care of regular maintenance. If everything in the system is secure and watertight, there is a reduced risk of wind blowing off components or water seeping inside.

Right Before the Storm

When you hear that a major storm is about to hit, take some quick steps to protect your unit. Start by turning it off, including the circuit breakers. This reduces the risk of an electrical surge frying components. You should also use a tarp, boards, or something similar to cover the unit to prevent debris and mud from causing damage.

After the Storm

Following the storm, make sure you take the time to thoroughly inspect your commercial HVAC system before turning it back on. Remember that air conditioning professionals tend to get a lot of appointments following storms, so you will want to book an inspection as soon as possible to ensure the hurricane did not cause irreparable damage.

Our team at All Temp can work with you to protect your commercial HVAC system this hurricane season. We offer air conditioning Kissimmee maintenance and diagnostics both before and after storm,s and can offer additional suggestions to make sure your commercial HVAC system is ready to weather the upcoming heavy rains and wind. Just call us at 407-857-7800 or 813-630-9400 to schedule an appointment.

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