Reasons Why Your Coil Freezes Up

As a business owner, you depend on your refrigeration and freezer system, and any issues with it can hurt your profits. One of the more common problems faced by Orlando commercial refrigeration repair professionals is dealing with frozen coils. There are numerous reasons that this can occur, some of which are more common than others.

Issues Related to Air Flow

One of the first things repair technicians will check for is proper air flow. They will confirm that nothing blocks the return air vent. After all, this component is crucial as it is where air passes over the system’s evaporator coil before returning to the unit. Any blockage in this air flow leads to frozen coils. The fix is simple; just remove equipment or boxes currently sitting in front of this evaporator return.

Problems with the Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan works to pull air across your fridge’s coil. When this does not happen, the coil will freeze. Even if you think you hear the fan, this may be a condenser fan. Issues with the evaporator fan should be left to the professionals and trying to fix them yourself will only worsen your situation.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

In cases where the thermostat malfunctions, your fridge may run continuously instead of cycling off and on based on the temperature. This type of failure will almost always lead to ice on the coil. Confirm that the thermostat on the unit is set up correctly and consider checking its batteries, if applicable.

Filter Is Dirty

Perhaps the most common reason for a coil freezing up, dirty filters are a likely culprit. The average business focuses its routine fridge maintenance on cleaning the unit, not paying attention to the filters. When a filthy component leads to the frozen coil, the solution is to wash the part using a water-based detergent or replaced it, depending on the material and condition.

Refrigerant Leaks

Sometimes, the freezing coil will be due to coolant leaks within it. Even a hole the size of a pin is enough to cause damage, whether it is at a connection point or on the surface. Refrigerant will leak out over time, so you may not notice the problem right away. Repair professionals can use gauges and other tools to confirm you have the proper level of refrigerant. Hopefully, they can fix your leak and add more coolant. Otherwise, you may need a new coil.

Other Potential Causes

It is also possible that the fridge does not go through sufficient defrost cycles each day. When this happens, the frost accumulates, freezing the coil. Alternatively, the heater may malfunction, allowing the cold to build up on this component.
Whether you know your coil is frozen or merely suspect that it is, contact Orlando commercial refrigeration repair services right away. We will be able to fix your fridge promptly and get you back in business.

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