Reducing Food Waste in Your Commercial Cooler

Any commercial business knows that food waste is not only bad for the environment but also hurts the bottom line. Because of this, you should make sure that you do whatever you can to reduce food waste, starting with using your Orlando commercial refrigeration to its full potential.

Maintain the Cooler
To reduce food waste, start by ensuring that your cooler functions exactly as it should. Stay up-to-date with maintenance, and make repairs as soon as you notice a problem. If your fridge does not function properly, it cannot keep food at the ideal storage temperatures, which can lead to spoilage.

Monitor the Temperature
A fully functional cooler will be completely useless if it’s not set to the right temperature. Based on the items stored inside, figure out what the ideal temperature is for your cooler, then monitor it. Even if the cooler has a built-in thermometer, confirm the readings with a separate one. Ideally, in the case of larger coolers, place multiple thermometers throughout to ensure an even temperature.

Don’t Overstuff the Space
Take care with how you actually arrange your cooler. Never fill it up too much; this reduces the amount of air circulation. The circulation of cold air is essential to prevent bacteria and mold from growing. Make sure that each container has three inches on each side. Similarly, there should be at least six inches between the bottom shelf and the floor for air circulation. Leave a similar gap between the ceiling.

Organize Correctly
In addition to ensuring there is enough space between items in your commercial cooler, pay attention to where you place each item. Foods that are more sensitive to temperatures should sit in the colder spots of your unit, such as lower bottom shelves by the back. Do not put anything that can leak on higher shelves, which is another good reason to put raw meat on the bottom shelf. Don’t forget to label items you place in the cooler and rotate them so that the oldest items are always in the front. This reduces the risk of accidentally using newer ingredients while identical, older ones become food waste.

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