Reducing Food Waste

No matter the type of business you run, reducing food waste provides numerous benefits, from lowering your expenses to helping the planet. There are multiple strategies that can let your company reduce this waste, including those that tie into using your Tampa walk in cooler properly.

Evaluate When You Waste Food

The first step to reducing food waste is to determine when this wastefulness occurs. If customers at your restaurant are never able to finish a meal and return their plates with leftovers, consider reducing the side portions. If there’s an unpopular item on the menu that no one ever orders but you keep in stock, get rid of it. This keeps you from having to throw out the items that would go into that dish.

Care for Your Refrigeration

Although it may not be the first thing you think of when contemplating ways to stop food waste, caring for your walk in cooler is a key part of this process. You need your refrigeration to function properly. Otherwise, your food will go to waste. A fridge that does not stay cool enough will cause food to spoil quickly, while one that gets too cold can lead to lost food due to freezer burn.

Consider Donations

Donating your food not only helps the planet, but can improve your relationship with your community. In the case of perfectly good food that you cannot use before it goes bad, see if a local shelter or food pantry will take it. Take the time to cultivate a relationship with local food pantries ahead of time so you know exactly where and when you can bring leftovers.

Label Food and Rotate It

One of the most important steps for preventing food waste is to label everything that goes into your kitchen. Every item should include a date, whether this is when you put the food in the cooler or the last day it will be safe to eat. Ensure that your employees rotate stock, always putting the freshest ingredients towards the back of storage shelves, as this makes it easier to use older items first.

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