Would Your Refrigerator Pass a Health Inspection?

As a restaurant owner, it is crucial that every aspect of your restaurant passes a health inspection. For those concerned about making the grade, keep in mind the following advice and make any necessary changes.

Make Sure It Maintains the Proper Temperature

Ensure your appliance keeps the ideal temperature. Being just a few degrees warmer will lower your grade and may result in a fine. After all, this can be all it takes for bacteria to quickly multiply. Some common culprits for refrigeration units running too warm include dirty coils and doors that do not close completely. Repair loose or broken hinges and remove grease from gaskets so your unit can seal and keep its temperature. You should also check for  refrigerant leaks as these can cause the refrigerator to run warm. This type of fluid not only increases the refrigerator temperature, creating a violation, but may be a violation of both health codes and the EPA. A professional can repair a leak.

Take Care of Basic Maintenance Yourself

Luckily, there are some maintenance steps you can do before calling in a professional. Make sure the appliance has enough room around it to allow for air flow. Invest in accurate thermometers placed inside the units. Wipe down every fridge daily, both inside and out.

Do Not Forget about Ice Machines

Do not focus all your attention on your walk-in cooler and forget to check your ice machine. Dirty ice is among the most common violations of the health code, but you can prevent it by regularly cleaning the unit using a chemical sanitizer.

Other Small Things to Check

Anytime that you spill food in your fridge, clean it up immediately. You should also confirm that there are no obstructions within walk-in coolers that make them hard to access or clean. Double check that everything in the fridge has a label, with ready-to-eat foods featuring a use-by date.

Our team at All Temp can provide maintenance for your Tampa commercial refrigeration units to ensure your appliances run smoothly. Make an appointment for repairs or regular maintenance to ensure you pass future health inspections. Those in the Tampa area can reach us at 813-630-9400.

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