Restaurant Equipment Spotlight: Ice-O-Matic

In the search for an ice machine that can meet your business needs, All Temp has a variety of manufacturers to select from. Today, our Orlando refrigeration experts have chosen to highlight the brand benefits of Ice-O-Matic.

Take Advantage of Ice-O-Matic’s Experience

One of the reasons we install and service Ice-O-Matic’s for our clients is because of their long history in the industry. Ice-O-Matic has been in business for more than 50 years, during that time they have continually advanced their products, such as the AgION antimicrobial compound found in their Ice Series cube ice machines. Clients regularly praise the seven-year extended warranty on the water filters.

Ice Machines for All Shapes

Every restaurant has a different preference when it comes to the ice they use, which is one of the benefits of Ice-O-Matic. They offer ice machines that produce the ice as flakes, pearls, or cubes. Flake-ice tends to be ideal for presentation as well as preserving food, creating fresh-looking displays. Pearl ice is perhaps the most popular for drinks as it tends to displace liquid better, blend quickly, and dispense smoothly compared to the other shapes. Cubes are considered the classic option and are commonly used in a variety of ways.

Storage Bins

In addition to the ice makers, the Ice-O-Matic product line features a range of storage bins to hold the ice produced. The door openings are always extra-large for easy access, and there is a scoop holder built-in for ease and sanitation purposes. Between the industrial foam insulation and polyethylene bin liners, the ice will certainly not melt, delivering crystal clear ice. The storage bins all include height-adjustable legs as well as design options of a sloping front or upright.

We Offer Selection, Installation, and Service

Because of our familiarity with the Ice-O-Matic line of ice machines and related products, our team at All Temp can offer a wide range of services. We can help you select which appliances best fit your restaurant’s needs, complete the installation, and complete routine service throughout the year!

Whether you need an Ice-O-Matic machine repaired or you would like us to install one as part of your commercial system, we are ready to assist you.

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