What Retail Refrigeration Equipment Might You Need?

You know you need a commercial refrigeration unit, but you’re unsure which type is right for your business. All Temp, the Orlando commercial refrigeration professionals, can help you decide which unit you need, whether it’s a standard model like a reach-in refrigerator or something for a compact space such as a bar unit.

This multi-functional piece of equipment not only provides you with a place to store food, but also serves as an excellent prep station. Flat surfaces make a handy place to chop, dice, and mince; store items, like fruit and vegetables, that often need to be prepped inside. When it comes time, you’ll be able to pull out the ingredients and get to work! Store vegetables that need to be chopped, salads that needs to be tossed, or toppings for pizza.

You need to keep any drinks, mixers, and supplies cool behind your bar, and this refrigeration unit is ideal for any commercial bar. Most have ventilated glass doors, which makes them perfect for “behind-the-scenes” storage.

If you need to display your products to your customers while keeping them chilled, then a merchandising refrigerator is right for you. Merchandising refrigerators come in a range of sizes and are equipped with ventilation and clear glass doors, making them the perfect option for showing off your products.

This type of unit is also known as the classic commercial unit. Whether you opt to utilize this refrigerator in the back of the house or keep it up front to tempt customers, these large units are great for storing a variety of food and drinks in its shelved interior. Think of it like a residential fridge with upgrades.

Display Case
Whether you’re a baker showing off your freshly baked cakes or a butcher displaying different cuts of meat, a refrigerated display case will keep your products fresh. Your customers can see your products easily and know that they’ve been kept fresh.

When you have the proper commercial refrigeration unit for your space, your business — whether it’s a restaurant, bar, or convenience store — will be able to run efficiently. If you need help deciding which unit is right for you, the Orlando commercial refrigeration experts at All Temp can help you decide. Give us a call toll-free at (844) 695-2900 or contact us online.

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