Signs Your Commercial Cooler/Freezer Needs Repair

As a business owner, you should always be on the lookout for any signs that your cooler or freezer requires any Orlando refrigeration repair. A fridge that does not work properly can use excessive amounts of energy and lead to ruined food, whether from spoilage or freezer burn. Pay attention to your fridge, and if you notice any of the following things, schedule an appointment with a professional.

Build Up of Frost

Anytime you notice an unusual amount of frost or ice buildup in your cooler, this indicates that it cannot cool properly and needs an inspection. A professional can get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it before the frost damages the food or other items you store within the unit.

Leaking Water

If you have a walk-in cooler and notice wet floors inside or around it, this may be a sign you need repairs done. The insulation may have a problem or the seal may be old or damaged. No matter the cause, you want to clean up the water and prevent future instances of the problem since water can lead to mildew or mold.

Damage or Wear to the Doors

While most people focus on the interior of the unit when thinking about repairs, the doors are just as important. Remember that any damage to the door can lead to serious problems as air leaks in or out, making your fridge work much harder than it should have to.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Whether or not your freezer has damaged doors, fluctuating temperatures are a good indication that you need a professional to look at it. The unit will not work properly if the temperatures fluctuate, and this can damage whatever you store inside as most refrigerated items require a constant temperature.

Weird Smells

When it comes to fridges, weird smells can mean several things, including spoiled food or a need for repair. Leaking coolant, for example, can create an odd smell that you probably cannot place. Coolant leaks are more common in older fridges, so this may be one of several problems.

The team at All Temp is here to help you diagnose and take care of any Orlando refrigeration repair that you need. Just contact us at 407-857-7800 or 813-630-9400 to schedule an appointment so we can get your fridge working at its full potential.

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