Starting a New Restaurant: What Do You Need?

Starting a new restaurant is both exciting and overwhelming; suddenly, you need to buy a wide range of items, from ingredients to tableware to quality refrigeration. If you’re wondering where to start, worry no longer: our experts are here to guide you through the first steps of equipping your restaurant with the finest freezer and refrigeration units.

Ample Commercial Refrigeration
Any restaurant needs to securely store food in a spacious refrigerator or walk-in cooler, and we can help you choose your dream appliance. Plan for a unit adequately sized to hold everything you need to keep cold – not so large that it’s overwhelming, and not so small that organization is impossible. If you have an oddly-shaped space, we can build your commercial unit from scratch and create a custom system that fits your needs.

Always opt for commercial refrigeration rather than residential units. Manufacturers design these appliances specifically for commercial needs, and there’s much less of a risk for temperature differences.

A Commercial Freezer
In addition to the commercial refrigeration, your restaurant should also have an industrial freezer. At the minimum, purchase more than one fridge so you can prepare and set each at a different temperature.

An Ice Machine
Customers expect to have ice available, and will likely anticipate their drinks automatically filled with ice. You will also need additional ice to keep items chilled during preparation or for displaying items like daily specials. It is not practical or cost-effective to buy the quantity of pre-made ice that a restaurant goes through in a day. Instead, you should find an ice machine that produces enough ice for your restaurant, and research the cube style you prefer.

A Refrigeration Maintenance Company
In addition to a company that provides first-rate equipment, you need a company you can count on for quality maintenance and repair. Here at All Temp, we quickly diagnose issues to minimize restaurant downtime, working with a variety of products and providing everything from installation to maintenance plans to replacement services.

While we cannot supply your customer seating or help you with décor, we are ready to help with all your Orlando refrigeration restaurant needs. Give our experts a call today and find out what makes All Temp different.

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