How to Stay Organized in Your Walk-In Freezer or Refrigerator

After installing your Tampa walk-in cooler, take the necessary steps to ensure it remains organized. With proper organization, employees can find items quickly, use items before they expire, and can make the cleaning process easier.

Use the Right Shelves

Choosing the best shelves will help you stay organized, specifically ones with epoxy coatings to withstand the cold, damp environment, and regular cleaning.

Remember Air Circulation

Set up your freezer so there is enough space for air to circulate, which allows for improved efficiency. Ensure items have at least three inches between them for even cooling. However, it’s important to never place produce by fans, as this can cause damage.

Know the Minimum Distance from Floor

To make it easier to maintain a clean environment, have the shelves in your cooler a minimum of six inches above the ground. This small amount of space makes cleaning easier; it also prevents pests and dirt from being able to reach food.

Place Raw Meat Strategically

The risk of contamination is always an issue; to lessen that, place raw meat carefully and strategically. For example, when beef marinates or thaws, there is a risk of liquid dripping on to other items. However, if you put it at the bottom of your shelf, liquid will drip onto the floor rather than on other food items. As an added precaution, cover all food inside and once you cook meat, store it on a higher shelf.

Label Everything

As you organize your cooler, take the time to label everything. The label should include the date so you know when it expires and can use it in time, or safely dispose of it. The label should also indicate what the item is, as specific food products look very similar when in a rush.

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