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What to Do When Your AC Breaks Down

Life without air conditioning in the summertime is every Floridian’s worst nightmare. When an air conditioner breaks down at the hottest time of the year, it feels like a curse. However, an AC breakdown does not have to be the

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AC Noises You Should and Shouldn’t Worry About

Air conditioners work hard to regulate building temperatures (especially in Florida), and they make many types of noises in the process. There are some sounds that should cause concern, but there are just as many that are just signs that

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How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Clean air ducts keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and improve air quality. If no contaminants, pests or other concerns are present in your air ducts, the recommended frequency of cleaning is every three to five years. However, in

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Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC System

Having an older air conditioning system in your home can quickly go from a minor annoyance to a serious burden. When outdated machinery stops functioning, even replacing parts can end up costing a fortune. After you’ve invested that money, the

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5 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

In Kissimmee’s tropical climate, air conditioning systems have to work extra hard. It’s important to do more than just run the AC to maintain the air quality in your home. If you have allergies, keeping the air pure is even

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HVAC Service Contracts, Explained

If you own a home or business in St Cloud, having an HVAC service contract from a licensed air conditioning company is essential. These contracts save you time and money while keeping your system running. The better maintained your air

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5 Common Spring HVAC Issues

In springtime, plants that lay dormant in the winter come alive. This makes for great nature walks in the park but causes problems for Kissimmee air conditioning systems. While these issues aren’t exclusive to the spring season, the changes that

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How Air Purifiers Work

Clean air is important for maintaining a good quality of life. Air purifiers can be a solution to air quality issues, especially for keeping allergens out of the air. However, if you don’t have preexisting allergies or breathing problems, your

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