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Essential Equipment for Opening a Bakery

Starting a business involves a significant amount of planning, and one of the most important things to know is what items you will need. For a bakery, the equipment needed goes far beyond the needs of a home kitchen. Ideally,

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Causes of Frost in a Commercial Refrigerator

When frost develops in a commercial refrigeration system, food safety can be compromised. Each type of food is meant to be kept at a certain temperature. Any number of factors can cause frost to develop and accumulate, freezing food not

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4 Tips for Commercial Refrigeration Safety

Commercial refrigeration systems need to run seamlessly to avoid hazards to employees and customers. Keeping the area around refrigerators, freezers and walk-in coolers clear can help create a safe working environment. Like any piece of heavy equipment, refrigerators and freezers

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What to Expect from All Temp’s Refrigeration Services

If you’re looking for commercial refrigeration services in the Orlando area, All Temp has you covered. We serve a variety of businesses with refrigerator installation, repair, replacement, maintenance and more. Our experienced technicians know the ins and outs of the

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4 Types of Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial ice machines are essential for different types of businesses, but they’re not one size fits all. Like in all areas of Tampa refrigeration, you’ll need to consider the size and type of your business when selecting an ice machine.

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Is it Time to Replace Your Commercial Freezer?

While industrial equipment comes with major upfront costs, the good news is, it’s typically built to last. Well-maintained commercial refrigeration systems tend to last more than a decade. Because of the costs associated with this type of equipment, people tend

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Why Flowers Require Floral Refrigeration

Every florist knows that cut flowers require cool temperatures to stay fresh, but not just any refrigerator will do. If not stored properly, your flowers are more prone to wilting, dehydration, and fungal growth. Prolong the shelf lives of your

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All the Industries We Serve

Our All Temp team serves several industries throughout Orlando with refrigeration and air conditioning needs. We serve businesses that require commercial refrigeration, and we offer commercial and residential air conditioning services. Here are some of the industries our company serves: 

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Why Your Pharmacy Needs a Medical Refrigerator

When you’re buying items for your business, your first instinct may be to save on costs. However, one place where you cannot skimp is when buying a refrigerator to store medical supplies. Dormitory refrigerators may look like they would work

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Benefits of Buying an Energy-Efficient Refrigerator

These days, the products we rely on are more energy efficient than ever. If the refrigerator at your business is no longer working, or it’s out of date, it might be time to consider purchasing an energy-efficient model. New, environmentally

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