Tampa Walk-In Cooler

For all of your Tampa walk-in cooler needs, contact All Temp. Our team can assist you with everything from finding the high-quality refrigeration system that’s perfect for your business to installing and maintaining it.

We Help You Find the Right Cooler

One of our many services at All Temp is assisting customers in their search for a walk-in cooler. Our experts have advised wide range of businesses, from restaurants to hospitals to theme parks and more. During our initial consultation, we will determine how you plan to use the freezer and how much refrigeration space you need, and then offer a range of suggestions based on your needs and our extensive industry knowledge.

Customized Coolers Available

While many customers choose one of our existing walk-in refrigeration options, our team can also provide customization. With our expertise and high-quality suppliers, we can design and build a customized cooler regardless of the necessary application, which is particularly helpful for research laboratories or food-service companies with limited or unusually-shaped spaces.

Professional Installation

Once you have chosen your Tampa walk-in cooler, our team of professional technicians are happy to take care of the installation quickly and efficiently at your earliest convenience. We can also remove old equipment before placing and connecting the new unit.

Maintenance Agreements

Our team offers customizable maintenance agreements determined by the type of cooler you have, how you use it, and the area it occupies. When we come for maintenance, we confirm that everything is fully functional as well as taking the time to clean interior casings and test and calibrate components. Our maintenance plans minimize downtime, allowing your company to operate normally, and prevent profits from temporarily falling during repairs or cleanings.

Satisfaction Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we always offer a satisfaction guarantee on each of our services and products. This guarantee ensures that your system functions correctly at all times, minimizing downtime for your company.
Don’t hesitate to contact our team at All Temp for your Tampa Tampa walk-in cooler service, purchase, or installation. Just give us a call at 813-630-9400, and we will gladly schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Contact us to learn more about our services.