The Importance of Maintaining the HVAC System at a Veterinary Hospital


Veterinary hospitals face a unique set of challenges when it comes to air regulation. Not only are they tasked with keeping humans comfortable; they also have a variety of furry, feathered, and four-legged patients to care for. This means keeping them cool, calm, and safe from encountering other health problems during their stay. Here just a few of the reasons why maintaining the HVAC system at a veterinary hospital is of utmost importance: 


As much as people love their pets, the odors animals produce can turn even the most dedicated owners away from getting them proper care. Poor ventilation not only increases the circulation of bad smells; it also distributes dust, mold, dander, and airborne pathogens, making patients vulnerable to infectious diseases. To ensure the highest air quality for a veterinary clinic, professionals must take care to segment the facility into different zones, filter and sanitize the airflow, and prevent recycled air from infiltrating high-risk areas such as laboratories and operation rooms. 

Temperature and Humidity

Keeping staff, patients, and carers comfortable is a well-designed HVAC system’s top priority. That’s why it’s important to implement a zoning system that regulates the temperature in different parts of a hospital and keeps humidity at a relative minimum. When dividing a medical facility into zones, consider the climate needs of different animal groups, the areas that receive the highest foot (and paw) traffic, and the amount of lighting each room requires. Additionally, indoor humidity should be maintained at appropriate levels throughout the building to reduce condensation and the spread of bacteria. 

Noise Control

No matter what kinds of pets you treat, animals are noisy. High noise levels can pose a problem for nervous, irritable patients, and are only intensified by poorly-circulated air systems. Zoning your facility so that barking dogs and talkative birds are kept away from sensitive areas is one way to remedy the issue. You should also direct the noise away with strategic ductwork and acoustic insulation to give both patients and their owners peace of mind. 

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