The Importance of Routine Commercial Maintenance

Unchecked HVAC units and rack up quite the bill. Between a high electric bill and surprise repairs, it can be beneficial to have a routine maintenance plan in place. All Temp, your professionals in commercial air conditioning Kissimmee, can help you catch any potential issues before they have the chance to damage your whole system.

Fewer Repairs
That odd noise coming from your HVAC system shouldn’t be ignored. Regular maintenance can help detect a problem before it turns into a catastrophe. If a technician replaces a failing part in time, they can prevent that broken part from wreaking havoc on the rest of your system. For example, replacing a worn-out fraying belt can prevent it from snapping and whirring around inside. By taking the step to prevent future, costly repairs, the cost of annual maintenance will pay for itself.

Longer Equipment Life
One broken part can cause a domino effect in your system, damaging it beyond repair. When regularly serviced and cleaned, your HVAC system will work better, for longer.

Lower Energy Bills
It’s always nice to save a few bucks on your energy bill. Neglected systems often have to overwork in order to compensate for their dirty air filter or clogged ducts. You may not notice an issue, but if your energy bills have started creeping up lately, lack of maintenance could be the reason why.

Reduce Chance of Breakdown
Imagine your HVAC system quitting on your in the middle of a Florida summer. What was a comfortable 76° can quickly turn into 103 degrees, causing dangerous working conditions. Regular maintenance can prevent a mid-summer disaster by catching any problems early.  

Safer Operation
Cracks in the heat exchanger, carbon monoxide leaks, and short circuits are just some of the dangers a failing HVAC system can cause.

Regular maintenance is the key to preventing an HVAC disaster. Make sure your air filter is being changed every month, that the thermostat is comfortably calibrated, and that all electrical components are tight. At All Temp, your experts in commercial air conditioning Kissimmee, we can provide all maintenance and repairs. By providing regular inspections, we can ensure your unit works properly. Give us a call at (813) 630-9400 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.

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