The Power of Floral Refrigeration

No matter what the occasion is, flowers are the perfect gift. They can be sold at any retail location, from hospitals and airports to grocery stores and gas stations. A bouquet can say “I’m sorry,” “I love you,” “Congratulations!,” or even “Get well soon.” Sometimes a floral arrangement is just the thing needed to brighten up a room. As a business, you want to provide your customers with the freshest, brightest bouquets possible. But standard Orlando refrigeration simply won’t do. With an average commercial refrigeration unit, your flowers are susceptible to wilt, bacterial infections, and dehydration. You need to invest in a specialized floral cooler to keep your beautiful bouquets fresh and at their best.

Flower stand in the rain

Why Standard Refrigeration Just Doesn’t Cut It

Regular commercial refrigeration units maintain a state of low humidity to avoid frequent food spoilage. Flowers need regulated high levels of humidity to prevent dehydration. Specialized floral coolers maintain appropriate levels of humidity with heated glass doors and high-performance insulation. These specialized coolers also employ low-velocity evaporator coils to ensure slow and gentle air movement, which will keep your floral arrangements hydrated and healthy. Besides a temperature controlled environment, specialized coolers also come with adjustable shelving that accommodates large floral arrangements and makes it easy to pull out that perfect bouquet for your customer.

Bright flower arrangements

What Your Flowers Need

Floral arrangements require specialized care to maintain their freshness and beauty. Your flowers are at risk of things like dehydration, bacterial infections, and stem wilt. Low humidity levels or harsh air flow may bring damage to your bouquets. Flowers remain at their freshest if stored between 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit directly after being harvested. It is important that you follow these guidelines to ensure that your flowers will maintain their fresh textures, bright colors, and fragrance.

You have a responsibility to your customers to provide fresh, beautiful floral arrangements, and not wilted, disappointing bouquets. Standard Orlando refrigeration won’t do. Don’t risk improper installation, either. Mistakes can lead to costly solutions. Call All Temp at 407-857-7800 today to schedule a trained technician to install a specialized floral cooler and keep your flowers fresh.

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