Tips to Clean a Moldy Refrigerator

In a perfect world, your commercial refrigeration unit is always clean and always stays organized. However, this isn’t a perfect world – and sometimes when you’re in a rush, units might not get cleaned as well as they should. But skipping cleaning can lead to mold and fungus. With our advice, you can quickly eliminate more spores and get a second chance to keep your fridge clean.

Remove Spoiled Food
Before cleaning your moldy unit, remove all spoiled food. Dispose of anything with mold spores or potential contact, as this is a severe health and safety issue, and could even lead to closing your business.

Take Out All Shelves and Tubs

Any professional will tell you that it is impossible to thoroughly clean a fridge without removing everything, including the shelves. Take these out and soak them in a cleaning solution. Government agencies suggest you use soapy water to clean mold, so soak smaller shelves in this solution, and wipe down larger shelves with the same mixture.

Clean with the Right Solution
Wipe down every single surface using soap and water. To clean any tubes, mix vinegar with water, and use cotton swabs to get into tiny, hard-to-reach spots.

Get Hard to Reach Areas
Be careful not to miss any areas, as mold can reform and spread. Pay close attention to any tubes and the door gasket, cleaning with either vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Either solution will kill the mold and is safer than bleach. A toothbrush or tiny scrub brush lets you reach those tough areas.

If left alone, the mold can grow, a health concern that can jeopardize your business and the quality of your ingredients or medications. Don’t take the risk – no matter the time, contact the experts at All Temp with any questions or concerns. Orlando residents can reach us at 407-857-7800 and those in Tampa can contact us at 813-630-9400.

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