Tips to Deep Clean Your Fridge

Regular deep cleaning not only reduces the need for replacements or repairs, but it improves food safety and quality by preventing mold and bacteria growth. Use any of the following cleaning tips to consistently keep your fridge, freezer, cooler, or ice machine in top shape.

Before You Start Cleaning

The first step is to completely clear out the unit. Start by turning off the equipment and removing any food or drink items. If necessary, place these items in a cooler on ice so they don’t spoil while you clean.

Choose Your Chemicals Carefully

Once the fridge is empty, get your cleaning supplies ready. Our experts always recommend reading the label. Decide against chemicals that don’t react well with aluminum, rubber, or stainless steel. Skip scented chemicals so you don’t block an odor that would otherwise indicate an unclean surface.

Start with the Door Seals

Many people overlook the door seals and gaskets, but this is actually an excellent place to begin. Provided you clean them regularly, these can be cleaned with regular cleaning solutions and no harsh chemicals. The same all-purpose cleaner used on the rest of the fridge can treat any contamination. If the unit has removable door seals, this process is even more straightforward, as you simply remove them and soak them in soapy water.

Take Out the Shelves

When cleaning the interior, remove shelves, floor protectors, drawers, and runners if possible. This allows you to reach every previously blocked nook and cranny. Don’t forget to clean overlooked areas as well, such as the door handles and your fixed position shelf runners.

Clean the Exterior

Once the interior is clean, turn your attention to the exterior. Typically, you can use the same cleaning products on the outside as the inside, but be sure to exercise care around the electrical cable. Finish by dusting off any exposed vents and coils.
Even if you use our deep cleaning advice, you will occasionally need repairs or replacements. When that happens, contact our team at All Temp for your Orlando refrigeration repair needs. Orlando residents should call us at 407-857-7800 or those in Tampa can call 813-630-9400.

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