Troubleshoot Manitowoc Ice Machines

Cold, refreshing drinks; chilled wine; delicious steaks. All of these and more depend on your business using reliable, high-quality ice machines, so if you notice an issue with your Manitowoc Ice Machine, don’t panic. Check out some of our basic troubleshooting tips to help get your machine back on track.

The Machine Does Not Turn On
There are times when your ice machine may not turn on; always check that someone did not accidentally unplug the machine. If not, there may be a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Take a look at the toggle switch and see if it’s stuck between ON/OFF/WASH, which will stop the machine, and then check if the damper is open while down. This component needs to be upright and able to swing.

The Machine Stops and Restarts
Sometimes, your Manitowoc ice machine may stop and restart when you turn it off and on again. This restart is due to a safety limit on some of the units, so simply turn the machine off then back on. If it runs successfully, you fixed the problem. Otherwise, call a technician.

Does Not Enter Harvest Mode
You may come across a handful of issues that prevent the ice machine from entering harvest mode. There is always a six-minute freeze timer that must pass before beginning the harvest sequence; you may not have waited long enough. You can also confirm that the ice fill is even and check the ice thickness probe to ensure cleanliness and a secure connection.

Not Releasing Ice
If you notice the ice machine does not release the ice or harvests slowly, confirm that the unit was recently cleaned and sanitized. Then, check that it sits level on the floor. If that does not work, ensure the temperature sits at or above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for air-cooled models. In the case of water-cooled models, you may need to replace the water regulating valve.

While you may be able to fix your Manitowoc, always contact All Temp for assistance. Our experts have plenty of experience with Tampa ice machine services and can quickly determine the problem, offer maintenance advice, and provide necessary repair services. Check out our blog so you never miss tips and tricks, and contact us with any questions or concerns about your machine.

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