Troubleshooting Your Walk-In Freezer

Uh-oh. You’ve been noticing your walk-in freezer is just a little too warm. You start to panic, thinking of all the food that is at risk of thawing. But don’t worry! All Temp, the professionals in Orlando commercial refrigeration repair, can help you troubleshoot some common issues with your walk-in freezer.


The condenser coil is responsible for removing heat from the refrigeration system. Because of its compact nature, it isn’t unusual to find the condenser in a small space. However, the condenser coil needs to be in a well-ventilated area in order to allow heat to be removed. When there isn’t enough airflow, the temperature near the condenser increases, resulting in a high head pressure, which in turn increases power and causes the condenser coil to work harder. If you notice your walk-in freezer is unable to maintain a stable temperature, make sure there is enough room for proper airflow around the condenser coil.  


Moisture from the air will freeze on the cooling coils of your walk-in freezer. If that buildup is left there, it can form a barrier from heat transfer which will decrease airflow. The evaporator is responsible for melting any built up ice on the coils and draining the resulting water. When the water doesn’t drain correctly, it can become trapped in the freezer. This can lead to excessive ice buildup, which will cause the compressor to run constantly and can result in unstable temperatures in your walk-in freezer.

Space and Shell

The freezer shell should be checked regularly for loose panels or installation and leaks, which can allow excess moisture to become trapped in the unit. Check that the door gasket is sealing properly; any gap in its seal can let cool air out of your walk-in freezer. Keep an eye out for a buildup of frost, and make sure your walk-in freezer is properly organized, with no overcrowding. 

When it comes to troubleshooting your walk-in freezer, it’s best to leave any repairs or maintenance to the experts. Without proper maintenance, a faulty walk-in freezer could lead to spoilage, which can hurt your bottom line. Just give All Temp, the experts in Orlando commercial refrigeration repair, a call at (407) 857-7800.

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