Why the Type of Ice for Your Business Is Important

ice-1244640_640At All Temp, we not only provide Tampa ice machine services but also assist you in selecting the correct type of ice for your business. Various shapes are available, and the kind of ice you can produce depends on the machine you buy. As such, we encourage you to carefully consider the ideal shape before having us install your ice machine.

Why It Matters

The type of ice you select can have a more significant impact than you may realize. Specific shapes perform better in drinks or frozen items. For example, if you make snow cones, you should opt for shaved ice since the ice shape may affect how thin the ice is dispensed. Additionally, specific ice shapes are more comfortable to scoop, simpler to dispense, or have a better storage capacity.

When in Doubt, Consider Cubes

The most common type of ice is cubed, and this is what we typically recommend for a business that is unsure what to choose. You are most likely to find cube-shaped ice in a display or ice-dispensing machine. Compared to other shapes, they melt slower and cool down drinks more quickly.

Half Cubes Are Similar but Smaller

For those who want something with the benefits of a full cube without taking up as much room, half cubes are an excellent choice. These are great for blended beverages as well because they are easy for a blender to break up. If half cubes don’t sound like a good fit, we recommend you consider crescents, which are also smaller than traditional ice cubes but help minimize displacement within drinks.

Ice Can Convey an Upscale Feel

Upscale restaurants or catering services may want to consider gourmet style ice, as this conveys a more elegant feel. Gourmet ice cubes are shaped similarly to a mini-shot glass, which minimizes the amount the ice dilutes a drink. Its crystal clear appearance conveys class and cleanliness, perfectly complementing the feel of your company and making it a great choice.

Choosing for Displays and Storage

While some ice does best in drinks, other types are preferable for displays. Nuggets, for example, are chewy and soft, meaning they work well in blended cocktails or carbonated beverages as well as produce displays. Flake-style ice is excellent for presentations or transporting produce, meat, or seafood due to its shape.

Whether you know the type of ice you want for your business or need help selecting, the team at All Temp is happy to assist as part of our Tampa ice machine services. Give us a call at 813-630-9400 if you are in the Tampa area or 407-857-7800 if you are close to Orlando.

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