Vaccine Storage & Handling for Veterinary Practices

All veterinary offices require a properly cooled environment to safely store vaccines. Our team at All Temp is happy to offer a range of options and advice for storing and handling vaccines within our units.

Why Storage and Handling Matters

The majority of vaccines found in veterinary practices contain living, infectious organisms; because of this, they are sensitive to fluctuating and extreme temperatures. If these vaccines are handled incorrectly, they are no longer safe to use, which can lead to a major financial setback and customer frustration.

Check the Shipment

Proper handling begins as soon as the shipment arrives. Before properly refrigerating your vaccines, inspect them to ensure that the shipping container is intact. Confirm that all product packaging remains sealed and ice packs used during transport are cold. Do not use vaccines with open or damaged packaging or warm ice packs.

Unload Quickly

Unload your shipment of vaccines as soon as possible, and do not wait more than an hour to place them within your refrigeration unit. If you require any maintenance or repair services, we recommend you take care of it before receiving the shipment, so the vaccines constantly remain cold.

Proper Temperature

Once the precautions are taken care of, you should be able to store the vaccines at the ideal temperature. Your vaccine storage should be between 35 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 2 to 7 degrees Celsius; lower temperatures may kill the living vaccine organisms, making the product ineffective. Do not assume that your refrigerator is constantly within this range, but guarantee it by investing in a reliable thermometer. The best ones will be built into the unit or record the temperature during the day. This feature allows you to check for fluctuations and spot the need for repairs before the vaccines go bad.

Moving Vaccines

Anytime you need to transport the vaccines, place them in a cooler with the proper temperature range. This cooler must have ice packs to ensure the ideal temperature. The only time you do not need to put vaccines on ice is if you prepare the vaccines to use within the hour.
No matter what you Orlando refrigeration services you require, or if you have questions about keeping your veterinary refrigeration running smoothly, All Temp is here to help. Make an appointment or learn more by calling (844)695-2900.

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