Ways to Improve the Life of a Commercial Refrigerator


Once you have made an investment in Tampa commercial refrigeration, you will want to take steps to ensure this purchase lasts as long as possible. All commercial-grade fridges are designed to withstand constant daily use, but you can make them last even longer with a few simple steps. As a bonus, most of these methods for extending the life of the refrigeration will also improve its efficiency, saving your business money on electric bills.

Replace Rubber Seal on Door
Your commercial fridge should always be running smoothly, but it can’t keep the items inside cool if you let the cold air escape through a worn-out rubber seal. This seal is known as the gasket, and over time, it will begin to lose a bit of suction. Replacing it every couple of years can help your refrigerator last longer and run more efficiently.

Protect the Compressor
There are a few things you can do to protect your commercial refrigerator’s condenser, including keeping it away from any sources of high heat. Having it by a heat source makes it work harder and could lead to burning out the condenser quicker. Avoiding this is simple; just make sure your fridge isn’t near the dishwasher, oven, or range.

Additionally, be sure to clean the condenser coils regularly. These are commonly found on the underside or back of the fridge, and they will naturally collect dust over time. When they are covered in dust, they will work twice as hard, using more energy and shortening the fridge’s life. Keeping the coils clean also goes a long way towards kitchen sanitation.

Minimize Time with the Door Open
It should make sense that whenever you open the door to your commercial fridge, the cold air escapes and the unit has to work harder. While you may know keeping the door open increases the electricity bill, you may not have thought about its long-term impact on the appliance. The harder your fridge has to work to maintain its temperature due to the door being opening, the more wear and tear it experiences. Encourage staff always to keep the door closed and keep the fridge organized so items can be found quickly and the door is only open for a minimal amount of time.

Cover Up Acidic Foods
While you should cover all foods placed in the refrigerator for sanitation reasons to help them last longer, covering acidic foods helps your fridge’s lifespan as well. That is because the acid in these acidic foods can corrode the interior of the refrigerator, specifically, it’s lining.

All Tampa commercial refrigeration sold at All Temp is designed to last a long time, and our experts can provide you with even more tips to extend the life of your unit.

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