What Makes An HVAC System Commercial

It may be well know what HVAC stands for: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; but all the qualities of an HVAC system that make it commercial might not be. If you run a business that requires a commercial HVAC system, then it’s important to know what it is you’re looking for and why.

What an HVAC System Does
An HVAC system provides cooling and heating to your building, while also being responsible for diluting interior airborne contaminants through the production of fresh outdoor air. When properly maintained, your HVAC system will provide a comfortable indoor environment year-round for your building.

System Size
One of the first things you’ll notice about your commercial HVAC system is how much larger it is than your residential one. This is because the commercial system has to cool or heat a much larger space. Components such as thermostats, condenser fan, compressor, evaporator, blowers, and dampers also function a bit differently with commercial systems. Because the size of a commercial HVAC system is rather large, the drainage system works differently than a residential one. Multiple pipes and pans are used for draining a commercial system to ensure complete evaporation.

Complexity of Equipment
The structure of commercial systems needs to be more versatile depending on the type of building, number of occupants residing there, and how often the building is in use. The complexity of the system also depends on what the building is being used for. Commercial systems are customized for intense heating and cooling of larger areas. All of these elements contribute to the advanced mechanism of commercial HVAC systems.

System Mechanism
The manufacturing and installation of a commercial system is modular, meaning it is subdivided into parts that are all housed together. This allows for easier maintenance and upgrades when needed.

Maintenance Cost
Because commercial HVAC systems are so complex and large, maintenance runs a bit differently than that of residential systems. Checkups require technicians who specialize in working with the specific HVAC system you have.

For a commercial unit, you need highly experienced and skilled technicians to ensure a perfect installation, efficient maintenance and energy efficiency. Call All Temp, experts in AC St. Cloud, today at 407-857-7800 for all your commercial HVAC needs.

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