What You Need to Know About Ventilation

Air conditioning repair Kissimmee is about more than just keeping your commercial business space at a comfortable temperature; you also need to consider whether or not your space is properly ventilated. Whether you are installing, repairing, replacing, or maintaining your commercial HVAC system, proper ventilation is crucial to your employee’s and customer’s well being. 

Exposed pipes running along the ceiling.


The safety of your employees and customers is your top priority. Whenever someone visits you and your space, you want them to be comfortable and that includes their safety. The ventilation of your office, workshop, or other commercial space needs to be in good working condition to protect those that are coming and going. Proper ventilation will help to balance fresh outdoor air with the stale indoor air while venting out any unwanted gases or odors.


A well-maintained ventilation system will not only improve safety, but it will improve the health and comfort of all of your visitors. Humidity and allergens are two environmental conditions that a properly functioning ventilation system will help regulate. Lowering the humidity and the level of allergens circulating in your space means that those who visit that have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory immune diseases won’t be stuck sneezing their entire visit; it ensures their comfort and their health. 

Ventilation running across the roof of a commercial building

Less Maintenance

Installing a proper ventilation system not only keeps your space healthier and more comfortable but also protects your space from unnecessary repairs and maintenance. Having the proper amount of airflow stops moisture from accumulating throughout your space, preventing the growth of mold. Mold is not only irritating to the lungs, but it also can eat away at wood, drywall, and carpeting. A ventilation system that is working well and keeping your space comfortable will also provide peace of mind that your space is protected from unnecessary damage.

Proper ventilation of your space can go a long way to keeping you, your customers, and employees comfortable. All Temp, your experts in air conditioning repair Kissimmee, can help to make sure that your space is getting the ventilation it needs. To learn more about the services we offer, just give us a call at (407) 857-7800 or contact us online.

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