Why Flowers Require Floral Refrigeration

flowers at a market

Every florist knows that cut flowers require cool temperatures to stay fresh, but not just any refrigerator will do. If not stored properly, your flowers are more prone to wilting, dehydration, and fungal growth. Prolong the shelf lives of your plants and keep customers happy with a floral cooler—a refrigeration unit specifically designed with flowers in mind. These refrigerators are essential for Kissimmee commercial refrigeration at flower shops. Here’s what sets them apart from other commercial refrigerators: 

Temperature & Humidity

Experts typically suggest storing flowers at 33-36°F; this slows transpiration, deterioration, and bacterial growth. Cold temperatures mean little to plants, however, without high levels of humidity. Standard coolers are engineered to keep contents dry, and as a result, will cause flowers to wilt and dehydrate. Floral coolers avoid this by maintaining a careful balance of temperature and humidity to keep flowers fresh. It’s also recommended that you use a temperature and humidity gauge in conjunction with your floral cooler to ensure that it’s storing your plants safely. 


Commercial goods, like food and beverages, require rapid air flow to stay cold, dry, and safe from bacteria. The opposite is true for flowers. Floral coolers offset low temperatures and high humidity levels with gentle air circulation to ensure that flowers stay moist without overheating. Though larger refrigerators require higher levels of air circulation, floral coolers work to balance airflow with temperature and humidity so that flowers don’t dry out.


Many business owners think they’re cutting costs by choosing a standard commercial refrigerator over a floral cooler, but in reality, they’re paying more— and not just in inventory losses. Sending customers home with flowers that have already started to decay will damage the reputation of your business over time. While floral coolers may seem like the bigger investment at first, they’re likely to save you money, product, and customers in the long run. 

As part of our Kissimmee commercial refrigeration services at All Temp, we offer a range of floral coolers for your professional needs. From selection to installation, our team of experts will help you through the whole process. To learn more about our services, contact us online or give us a call at (407) 857-7800.

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