Why Your Pharmacy Needs a Medical Refrigerator

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When you’re buying items for your business, your first instinct may be to save on costs. However, one place where you cannot skimp is when buying a refrigerator to store medical supplies. Dormitory refrigerators may look like they would work just fine, but they’re simply not good enough to stand up to the task. Vaccines and medications need to stay at consistent temperatures in stable settings. A medical refrigerator is essential, and here’s why:

Stable Temperature 

Dormitory-style refrigerators may seem convenient, but they cannot handle precise temperatures. In fact, temperatures can fluctuate by several degrees, which could easily cause medications and vaccines to spoil. This happens because these units are meant to serve multiple functions, refrigerating and freezing, in a small amount of space. Their purpose is not to store medical supplies, especially not for the general public.

Small Temperature Range

Typically controlled by a digital thermostat for the sake of quick, accurate adjustment, the temperature range in a medical refrigerator is small by design. Because the door is not opened many times throughout the day, the chosen temperature stays consistent. Additionally, an alarm goes off if the temperature goes out of a pre-set range, allowing your staff to fix the problem. It is important to keep vaccines and medications at a consistent temperature, since any variance in temperature can cause them to become ineffective.

No Temptation for Personal Use

If an employee who doesn’t understand medical refrigeration sees a dorm-style refrigerator, they may be tempted to use it for food or drinks. This will lead to more opening and closing, which will cause the temperature to fluctuate. It will also cause inconsistent air flow, which can also be risky for stored medications. With a clearly marked refrigerator, these types of problems can be avoided.

How to Choose the Right Refrigerator

First, decide if you need a refrigerator or freezer, judging by the ideal temperature range of the items you’re storing. Decide on the size of your new refrigerator based on how much you need to store. Wire or perforated shelves are best for storing medical supplies. There are some added features to consider, as well: hospital grade cords, self-closing doors, open door alarms and locks. These can all be beneficial, but depending on your budget, it may be best to consider what you need in a medical refrigerator. Once you choose the best one for your business, we can help with the rest.

Our All Temp team will install your medical refrigerator when you find the perfect one to suit your Orlando commercial refrigeration needs. We also provide maintenance for most models and offer 24/7 emergency repair. Contact us online or give us a call at (407) 857-7800 to schedule an appointment.

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