Wine & Commercial Walk-In Coolers

Central Florida is no stranger to wineries and avid enthusiasts who enjoy a nice bottle of wine. For winery owners, storing their wine at the right temperatures is very important to how it will taste and what might possibly affect the composition of the wine. Although wineries are more experienced with this knowledge than others, retailers and restaurants should also keep this in mind. Any small difference in temperature change can affect the acidity level in wine and alter its flavor. Knowing what temperature to store the different types of wine at is important, and utilizing a walk-in cooler will help keep your wine at the exact temperature it needs. Orlando commercial refrigeration repairs can be costly, and you can’t afford to risk altering the contents of your wine while it’s shutdown, so constant maintenance is highly recommended.

Accurate temperature for storing wine is important for many reasons. Without properly storing it, the wine becomes susceptible to many changes that can ruin the contents. If temperatures are higher than recommended, it will cause the wine to age faster. If this occurs, both the acidity and flavor are at risk of being diluted. On the opposite spectrum, wine stored in too cold of an environment can ruin the balance of aroma and flavor. Aside from inaccurate temperature storage, wine stored with too high or low humidity levels can damage or spoil it easily.

Maintaining temperatures for wine storage is what commercial walk-in coolers are meant for, so if you require Orlando commercial refrigeration repairs, it’s vital you have them fixed right away. Humidity is also kept at the appropriate levels to keep your wine from spoiling. Without humidity control, too much moisture can cause mold, ultimately harming the wine. Whereas, air that’s very dry will create cracks in wine corks which allow air to flow inside and ruin the wine. Keeping a healthy balance of accurate temperatures and humidity levels is essential in wine storage and commercial walk-in coolers are the best storage method available.

If you require Orlando commercial refrigeration repairs for your walk-in cooler, contact All Temp at 407-857-7800. Don’t risk ruining your wine; have a professional fix your cooler today.