Your Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Your employees spend 8+ hours a day at work, so the air quality should be one of your topmost concerns. Happy and content coworkers will make the difference between a running and walking pace of work.

Temperature Regulation
Working in a sticky heat creates an uncomfortable and unpleasant work environment. Keeping your employees comfortable is one of the key components to making sure your business doesn’t take any unnecessary setbacks. Keep the temperature a few degrees above room temperature to remove the need for bundling up. Some establishments have poorly built ventilation systems and distribute air unevenly throughout the building, so  check each room to be sure that air isn’t blasting in one room and barely reaching another.

Dusty Atmosphere
Can you literally see the air? Do particles get trapped in the sunlight beaming out of the windows? Having a good air flow might have the opposite effect on everyone in the building if all it’s doing is moving dust around the office. Be sure to frequently clean the office.r. Your air will never be good quality if it’s constantly clogged up with dust. Dust can trap allergens and further spread illness throughout the building.

Combat Constant Illness
A poor quality air system could essentially trap all of the bad germs in the still air around the office, or worse, spread it to other areas around the building. Having air purifiers that use ultraviolet light installed into your vents can destroy any germs that pass through them; this will significantly decrease the possibility of spreading germs throughout the building. If installing a purifier is not an option, consider having the filters and air ducts cleaned. Sometimes blockages of mold or dust can be the main issue in having poor quality air.  

Good quality air is definitely worth having and is very important to the longevity of a business. Don’t let you or your coworkers suffer because of a problem that can be fixed by a quick call to your local air conditioner specialist. The AC repair St.Cloud team at All Temp want to help keep your location comfortable and breathable. Contact us at (407)857-7800 to schedule an appointment.

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